On average, patients stay around 4.5 days after being admitted to a hospital. This stay can require many resources that hospitals and clinics may run thin on. Because of this, patients may be at risk of going without the necessary equipment for treatment. To help save your clinic or hospital money, without sacrificing the needs of your patients, here are two investments you should consider.

Refurbished Hospital Beds and IV Pumps

Investing in refurbished beds and IV pumps can help save your clinic or hospital money, without putting patients at risk.

Refurbished Hospital Beds

Both clinics and hospitals need beds for patients, and without enough of them, your practice could risk losing out or putting patients in harm. Most clinics and hospitals get rid of their beds once they have worn out and swap them for new ones. However, this can be expensive, especially when there are alternative options.

Purchasing refurbished beds can benefit your clinic or hospital in a number of ways. For instance, they can help save you money, as refurbished beds can usually be bought for a discounted price. They can also help reduce waste by keeping old equipment from making its way to a landfill or disposal facility, and they can also help reduce patient wait times.

Buying used also doesn’t mean that you’re getting a low-quality product. Instead, refurbished beds are often as good as new, and they are able to last for an extended period of time without replacement.

Refurbished IV Pumps

IV Pumps can be crucial for many patients staying in hospitals or receiving treatment at a clinic. However, influxes of patients can also make them difficult to keep in stock. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend exuberant amounts by investing in new pumps, and can instead invest in refurbished models.

When looking for refurbished pumps, see if they are patient-ready and if the supplier offers a warranty. This can help ensure that your pumps are ready to go and can be replaced easily if they break down too soon. You may even be able to take advantage of financing to ensure that you can invest in enough pumps for your clinic’s capacity, without worrying about running out or spending too much upfront.

Saving Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Refurbished hospital beds and IV pumps are two of the best investments to help you save money without sacrificing your quality of care. If your hospital or clinic is looking to save money, consider these two ideas and reach out to a qualified supplier today.