Everything to Know About Reconditioned Hill-Rom and Stryker Beds

Hill-Rom and Stryker hospital beds are some of the leading beds in the medical industry. They are designed to help caregivers with ease of treatment and deliver maximum support and comfort for patients. Reconditioning hospital beds like a Stryker hospital bed takes a 10-step process. It is reconditioned to adhere to the highest of standards.

The Reconditioning Process

Piedmont Medical, Inc. is the leader in reconditioned hospital beds. They follow a strict 10-step process to ensure all the beds adhere to the highest of standards in hospitals. They have more reconditioned hospital beds in stock than any other dealer in the USA.

Some steps followed in the reconditioning process are:

  • The bed frame is inspected for bent or broken parts
  • The frame is completely taken apart
  • The hospital bed frame is sanded completely
  • The circuit boards are tested
  • The hospital bed is shipped and wrapped in protective plastic. It is then blanket wrapped and can be positioned in custom stands for stability.
  • Any bent or broken parts are repaired or replaced so that operating features function properly
  • Head and footboards are shipped in boxes

Reconditioned Hill-Rom Beds

Hill-Rom Hospital Beds are high-tech and aim to provide the right products that deliver the highest quality care. With the right bed, it gives caregivers easement to know that they know their patients are comfortable.

Some examples of reconditioned Hill-Rom Beds to purchase are:

  • Hill-Rom 1115 Advance Bed
  • Hill-Rom 852 Centra Bed
  • Hill-Rom 1145 Advance Bed
  • Hill-Rom P1600 Advanta Bed with Scale

Reconditioned Stryker Beds

Much like Hill-Rom Beds, a reconditioned Stryker hospital bed is leading the medical industry in comfort, innovation, and design. The technology behind it allows caregivers to do their job easier while allowing patients to experience maximum comfort.

Some examples of reconditioned Stryker Beds to purchase are:

  • Stryker 3002 Secure II MedSurg Bed with Zoom
  • Stryker 3002 Secure II Bed Round Arm Rails
  • Stryker 3002 Secure II MedSurg Bed


On average, a hospital stay can cost around $10,700 in the U.S. Reconditioned beds like a Styker hospital bed are a good option to consider when you are in need of a hospital bed. However, not all reconditioned beds are made the same. It is important to do your research when considering purchasing one. You can have peace of mind knowing that Piedmont Medical, Inc. reconditions hospital beds good as new.