In the US in 2016, there were more than 35.7 million patients staying in hospitals. With that many people occupying hospital rooms, ensuring these rooms are optimized is very important. If the nurses and caregivers in these hospitals give as much care to the room as they do to the patient, then patients will have a much more efficient recovery and be in a better state of mind during it. Here are three must-have features for all hospital rooms.

1. Safety

The most important feature for hospital rooms is safety. Without it, the other items on this list won’t even matter. Safety ensures patients can recover without sustaining any other injuries or illnesses that would slow down the recovery process or complicate it. Caregivers should make sure that hand bars are placed around the room, especially in the bathroom, to prevent falls and that a sanitation area is at the entrance of the room to keep germs out.

2. Comfort

Even though safety should always be a caregiver’s top priority, comfort should not be skimped out on. A comfortable patient will have a much smoother recovery process. For example, a high-quality hospital bed with fresh linens will eliminate the risk of bedsores. A regularly cleaned window will allow bright sunshine into the room, keeping patient’s spirits high. A healthy mind goes a long way in helping a healthy body.

3. Accessibility

The final important feature for a quality hospital room is accessibility. Nurses, doctors, and caregivers need to be able to attend to the patient. Otherwise, the patient will simply not get the care required in order to recover. Various technologies are available that allow the patient to be monitored easily, and motorized hospital beds allow for mobility of the patient. Such examples lead to better patient outcomes, something all hospitals should strive toward.

With this information, you should have a better understanding of how hospital rooms can be optimized for the patient and be conducive toward a speedy and efficient recovery. As a caregiver, the patient’s best interests should always be at heart, and these three features will go a long way toward the best kind of care.