Particularly during these tumultuous times, it’s crucial for hospitals and nursing homes to have as many beds as possible. With the average hospital stay being around 4.5 days, it’s important for people to have places to sleep, rest, and recover. Not all hospital beds, of course, are meant for long-term use. Birthing beds, for example, are meant for the short-term, and mothers and babies are moved into other types of beds following the birthing process. Some of the most common types of beds used in hospitals and nursing homes, however, are resolution beds. Resolution beds are often favored by healthcare professionals due to the comfort and flexibility they offer patients and providers alike. With 360-degree mobility, it eases patient movement and offers a stand-assist feature that keeps the bed above standard stretchers due to the fact that patients are able to move more easily while staying in one. Resolution beds can also convert from beds to chairs more easily due to their 90 degree rotations.

But of course, due to all of their features, resolution beds can sometimes be rather expensive. It can be difficult for hospitals and nursing homes to keep a steady supply available for patients. Fortunately, there are refurbished beds available. While the used hospital bed market may at first seem intimidating to those that haven’t shopped within it before, there are so many benefits of buying refurbished hospital beds. Let’s look into them below.

1. Cost

One of the more obvious but nonetheless important benefits of buying refurbished hospital beds, including resolution beds, is cost. New hospital beds are rarely sold at a discount. While it can sometimes be more cost-efficient when beds are bought on a large scale versus individually or in small orders, it’s still rather expensive compared to refurbished beds. When keeping the costs of each bed low, you are able to buy more beds, and buy beds of higher quality, like a resolution bed. It’s better, in the end, to buy higher quality beds that have been refurbished versus lower quality beds that are new. Not only will this allow you to save money, but it will ultimately lead to patients being happier.

2. Sustainability

It’s important that businesses and individuals alike take steps to live more sustainably, and healthcare providers are not exempt from this. Recycling should be a priority for everyone in order to reduce waste and live in a more environmentally friendly way. While the idea of recycling hospital beds may at first be a little confusing, buying refurbished used hospital beds is definitely a form of recycling and increases your business’s overall sustainability efforts. Think about what happens when hospital beds are simply thrown out. Not only is this a waste of resources, but it also adds to landfills.

3. Reliability

While it may be tempting to buy the newest type of hospital bed on the market, there is something to be said about buying a type of hospital bed that you can actually rely on. One of the main benefits of buying a refurbished hospital bed is that you’ll understand exactly what you’re getting and how it works. When a new model is released, it could take years for that model to be tested out and refined, and potentially changed as needed. Buying a refurbished hospital bed means that you can get exactly what you need. Furthermore, you’ll be able to know that the specific beds that you buy are high quality and like new, despite your cost savings. A refurbished bed could even be improved upon following its initial release.

There are a lot of reasons why people would be initially worried about buying refurbished hospital beds; it’s okay to ask questions of your distributor. But ultimately, the benefits are numerous, and you’ll encounter a better customer experience.