One in two seniors is living with multiple chronic conditions. Illness or severe pain can compromise mobility and reduce the quality of life for many older adults. Many people in this age group require assistance to move, and backaches can make sleeping difficult.

Modern hospital beds are from their plain, classic counterparts. They can be adjusted at both sides, at the foot, and at the head. The frame often comes with special medical equipment. Some senior facilities and practices may shy away from these devices because of the price tag. However, companies like resolution bed have refurbished beds that are as good as new and goes for about half the price.

Mobility and Independence

Four out of ten Americans over the age of 65 are living with a disability. In this age group, mobility is the most common form of disability, according to the survey. Modern manufacturers recognize these challenges and have transformed the hospital bed into a sophisticated piece of equipment.

Most types of hospital beds have a design that is meant to facilitate mobility. Seniors with disabilities need to move into and out of the wheelchair or bed regularly. The Gautch is one type of bed that uses cranks to move the head across multiple angles.

However, today more people may prefer electrical hospital beds. With an electric resolution bed, shifting to a more comfortable position involves using a button or remote control. It can be convenient for seniors and their caregivers, as it affords the patient more independence.

Also, many seniors are opting for in-home living. Electrical beds are a great choice for older adults who are looking forward to receiving care from home. It can enhance comfort during sleeping. An electric resolution bed will make it easier to move from the wheelchair to the bed with minimal pain and discomfort.

Pain Relief and Comfort

Backaches and other forms of chronic pain are common with seniors. Therefore, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality of the equipment needed to care for the patient. The classic hospital bed frame was painful for seniors because you could sleep in only one default position.

With modern equipment, it is possible to recline and record the angle. That means you can return to the preset recline angle whenever it changes. Some have features that allow you to move its two halves independently.

For example, a couple can share the bed with the right side reclining at an angle of 10 degrees, while the other side at an angle of 30. The feature improves comfort for a couple with varying needs. That way, it improves comfort, intimacy, and the general sense of well being.


One advantage of modern beds is that there are many designs for patients with varying conditions. Some like the Circo-electric can move about an axis, which makes it suitable for seniors with spinal injuries or severe burns. Other beds have features to reduce the pressure exerted on the body.


Getting a good electric bed can be challenging. The price tag and finding one that fits the specifications are some of the problems with finding a suitable one for seniors. Companies like Resolution Bed sell refurbished hospital stretchers and beds. They are taken back to the factory for repair and fixing. Refurbished pieces of equipment are therefore as good as new when you buy them.

Unlike the used beds, refurbished hospital beds have been checked and serviced. It is even possible to get a warranty and insurance, but that depends on the provider and the device criteria. Senior home living facilities can benefit from wide-ranging devices. Older adults with chronic conditions can have a more independent and fulfilling experience.


Modern hospital beds come in many types of designs with a range of features. There are many of these devices that can be beneficial for seniors. You need to be clear on the medical and comfort requirements. You can always find a refurbished brand like Stryker hospital beds and stretcher at almost half its price tag.