Used stretchers for sale are a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. Used stretchers for sale also help protect the environment, as they lessen the demand for raw materials.

There are about 6,200 hospitals nationwide in the United States. Those hospitals generate a surplus of used supplies that are in great condition, such as hospital beds and stretchers. You can tap into that surplus and get the equipment you need at a fraction of the cost of a new option.

Refurbished to Like New Condition

You can find a high-quality Stryker stretcher for your organization that has been refurbished for a lot less than what you would pay for new. You get the same great service out of used Stryker stretcher as you would out of a brand new one without the high price tag.

You can find a hospital stretcher with a stretcher bed mattress to meet your organization’s needs perfectly, and do something nice for the environment. Buying used helps to keep perfectly good equipment out of the landfills, and helps to reduce the need for new manufacturing. The longer a product stays in the cycle of use, the better.

Why Do Hospitals Get Rid of Their Equipment?

One of the most frequently asked questions people have when they come across used stretchers for sale and refurbished hospital beds is, “Are they in good condition why did the hospital get rid of them?”

There are several reasons why hospitals will get rid of perfectly good equipment including:

  • Hospital renovations
  • The budget allocation allows them to refurbish their facility with new equipment
  • Hospital closures, consolidation of facilities, and expansions

Many times a hospital will “modernize” their facility and buy new equipment. Other times the hospital had a good year and the administrators decide that they want to invest in new equipment while they can. And in other cases, getting rid of the equipment is necessary because a hospital is closing.

In any event, these circumstances provide an opportunity that you should take advantage of to find the savings you want, and get the equipment that you need for your organization.

Who Can Benefit From This Option?

Medical practices, community care centers, nursing homes, and more can all take advantage of this opportunity. Finding used stretchers for sale can help a lot of organizations and medical providers have the equipment that they can depend on for less.