There are over 6,200 hospital beds in America. Hospital beds are a good investment for hospitals, nursing homes, and patients who need in-home care due to chronic illnesses and conditions.

When people hear of refurbished beds, they picture an unsanitary and worn-out product, a common myth. Certified refurbished beds are safe, affordable, and eco-friendly. They come in all styles and designs, making them suitable for any patient. Before getting a reconditioned bed for in-home care, you must consider some vital factors.

Should You Buy or Rent?

Buying or renting refurbished hospital beds depends on your situation, and every choice has its advantages.

Buying means you will have a long-term investment that saves on costs. Basically, you own the hospital bed upfront. When you are done using it, you can resell it to recover your money. Additionally, you can customize the bed to suit your needs.

On the other hand, rented beds are better if your illness is short-term. If you expect to fully recover in two or three months, your insurance may cater to the cost. Subsequently, renting a refurbished hospital bed means you have a longer paying period.

Choosing a Resolution/Refurbished Hospital Bed

To select your resolution bed, you have to consider the features and your budget. Start with the powerful features. Do you want a full-electric bed that has button functions and adjustable bed frames? Or do you want a more economical semi-electric bed that is less innovative but effective?

Next, check the head and footboards, as well as the weight capacity. You would not want to risk injuries by breaking a hospital bed frame that can’t support your size/weight. Always consult with your physician before getting a resolution bed.

Is Installing a Resolution Bed Worth It?

Resolution beds are ideal for patients who need personalized hospital beds. They make it easier for in-home caregivers to render their services.

Another reason to get a resolution bed is the user-friendliness and comfort. The bed is ergonomic and can easily be adjusted to prevent sores and falls. It is also adjustable, so people with mobility problems or pain can better get in and out of bed.

Next, it can be converted from bed to chair easily and has stand-assist features. This enables better patient outcomes.

Lastly, resolution beds offer interactive patient visits, whether at the home, hospital, or surgical centers. If you use the hospital bed for weeks or months, it must provide ultimate convenience and safety.

High-Quality Hospital Beds

The need for improved health care has resulted in the development of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools. However, these advances are ineffective unless the patient is put in a conducive environment to make full use of these new tools. As a result, Resolution Beds have been developed so that they not only meet but exceed the quality levels needed by modern healthcare facilities.

Get the Right Hospital Beds

Getting a hospital bed for your facility or an ailing loved one is a hard task. Therefore, you should put in much consideration and do extensive research. To make the right decisions, always put the patient first, consult with a professional, check the features of the bed, and choose skilled technicians to provide the beds.

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