The average hospital stay is around 4.5 days. Therefore, ergonomic hospital beds are important. Lying down for long in an uncomfortable bed can be stressful for patients which can interfere with the healing process. The good news is, resolution beds are a safe, sustainable, and comfortable solution that makes patient recovery easier. Resolution beds are beds with an open architecture platform. This allows refurbished hospital beds to be made many times after several years of use per generation. Here are the top features of resolution beds:

Open Architecture Platform

Resolution beds have an open architecture platform. This allows the bed to be reconditioned and upgraded for new use. You only buy a resolution bed once, but patients can continue to use the refurbished hospital beds long after, even in a nursing home, or a home environment. All in all, this four-generation bed is a very cost-effective purchase.

Comfy Stretcher Bed Mattress

The patient’s comfort is crucial to their recovery and healing process, which is why a resolution bed comes with a comfy stretcher bed mattress. This helps to ensure that patients don’t end up with bed sores or skin breakdowns. Even if the recovery period takes longer, the patient will be comfortable throughout.

360 Degree Mobility

Sometimes patients need to be mobile, and most hospital or patient beds are ill-equipped for this. This can result in falls, and handling the patient can be difficult for the caregiver. However, these refurbished hospital beds can be a game-changer because of their impressive pivot mobility that allows for 90 degrees rotation on both sides of the bed.

The patient can also use the bed as a chair or for assistance when standing up. Instead of feeling helpless, the patient is fully in control and can adjust their position with buttons that are conveniently located on the side rails.

Safety features

Patient falls are a huge concern since they can hinder healing and can cause further damage. Fortunately, resolution beds have break-locks on all four casters, and the arm rail handles also have a lock-in feature that keeps patients safe and secure.

The bed’s advanced technology is, therefore, not only a lifesaver for patients but also for caregivers and management that prioritize the proper handling of patients.