A bariatric bed is heavy duty and is usually wider than the normal traditional hospital bed, and it accommodates people who have a heavyweight in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, or at home. A standard hospital bed may have an approximate width of 37″ to 39″, while a bariatric bed ranges from 36″ to 80″ width, thus their comfortability. There are different models of bariatric beds. Some can stretch to the width that suits your body, and they may be referred to as convertible beds. Below is a list of reasons most hospitals prefer bariatric beds.


Comfort is a significant aspect most patients consider when choosing a hospital bed, as comfortable beds can enhance the speed of recovery. Bariatric beds are made to support people whose weight outdoes the limit of a normal hospital bed. According to Forbes, the beds can hold up to 600 to 1000 pounds of weight. The bariatric bed mattresses are not the usual foam you can buy in any store but are purchased overseas from unique factories. However, they are wide and thick enough to hold larger weights. They also have a spring in the inner section of the mattress that protects it from shrinking, giving it bouncy comfortability.


The bariatric beds are efficient as they offer ventilation to the patients because they can control the temperature of their space. Whether the patient needs to feel cool or warm air, the bed has a feature that allows them to adjust easily. The bariatric mattress is also responsible for temperature regulation because it allows airflow beneath the foam. This makes it more convenient for the patient to sleep in a well-ventilated space.


The bariatric beds have wheels beneath them, making it easy for nurses to commute patients without moving them out of bed. When caregivers are looking after them, they can easily shift the patient’s location. The beds also have frames attached to the sides of the bed to provide stability. The frames are made of steel and metal to support heavier loads and provide safety for the patients as they serve as a barrier from the environment.

The bariatric hospital bed is convenient and every medical care institution should consider owning several. The invention of bariatric beds deserves to be recognized in history due to their efficiency. It has helped millions of people worldwide, and up to now, they still provide the best care for patients. Contact us today for more information!