There are nearly 2.5 nursing home and hospital beds currently in use in the U.S. There are actually many benefits to investing in hospital beds that have been refurbished. Many different types of healthcare and care facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals require hospital beds to care for patients with chronic illnesses. A hospital bed is also the perfect choice for people who need in-home care.

Brand-new beds such as the Hill Rom patient bed or the Stryker hospital bed which are both top brands dominating the market, can be quite expensive and may not fit into healthcare budgets that are stretched to cover rising expenses. This is especially true if a healthcare facility is undergoing an expansion. Healthcare organizations need affordable solutions while still being able to use eco-friendly hospital beds.

Refurbished Hospital Beds Are the Answer

Purchasing directors and hospital supply chain managers will be happy to know that using refurbished hospital beds is on the rise. Refurbished hospital beds are the cost-effective solution you need since hospital beds are one of the key assets used to care for patients in medical centers and hospitals across the United States. Purchasing refurbished hospital beds has the potential to save over 50% in comparison to buying hospital beds that are brand-new. When beds are reconditioned by top suppliers, you are assured a significant cost savings while getting refurbished hospital beds that look and operate like new.

There Is a Demand to Maintain Medical Equipment

As with every other part of the medical care industry, there is a demand to shrink budgets while still maintaining medical equipment such as beds of all kinds and stretchers. Look at purchasing refurbished hospital beds from suppliers that have completely rebuilt beds from top manufacturers. The market is only growing for reconditioned hospital beds supplied by companies that take the time to refurbish them to a like-new condition.

What Does the Reconditioning Process Include?

There is a process to state-of-the-art reconditioning. Top suppliers of refurbished hospital beds have a process in place that is innovative and reconditions hospital beds to operate like new again. It starts with an inspection of the bed frame for broken or bent parts. All parts are repaired or replaced as needed so the bed functioned correctly. In order to do this, the entire bed frame is disassembled and then cleaned.

Next, the arm rails, bed frame, and any pans are completely sanded in an isolated room so the dust doesn’t become a problem with other parts. The sanded parts are then cleaned to remove dirt and dust. Then the parts are taken to a professional paint booth and painted. If need be, they are also baked dry. All parts are left to completely dry for up to 24 hours.

Once the parts are dry, the bed frame is reassembled with new parts when necessary. Those new parts may include heat and footboards, OEM casters and assembly, plastic wheel covers, arm rails, and a choice of inserts in each decal or labels, couplers, and capacitors. Any motor grease is also replaced. All circuit boards are tested and given a 1-year replacement warranty. A final inspection ensures that the bed fully operates as it should and is rechecked as well as electrical safety tested.

The overall goal is to make sure that reconditioned beds fully perform and meet the manufacturer’s standards. Beds are shipped fully wrapped in plastic to keep them protected while in route to medical facilities. They are also wrapped in blankets if ordered beds need to be positioned within custom stands for a stable trip. The foot and headboards are shipped inside boxes and ready to be attached you’re a delivery arrives.

Trust a Leader in Reconditioned Hospital Beds

Top suppliers of reconditioned hospital beds can be trusted to provide beds that function just like new. They undergo a process that is meant to meet high standards. Consult with them to learn about Stryker, Hill-Rom and Resolutions refurbished beds so you get the right products and excellent customer service.