Did you know that there are roughly 2.5 million hospital and nursing home beds in use around the country?

Some medical professionals may debate the safety or reliability of using second-hand medical equipment. However, just because it’s been used once before does not mean it isn’t still valuable or in good condition.

The biggest difference between buying new and used hospital beds and medical equipment is the price. It can be valuable for your business to shop around for a good deal on used or refurbished equipment, rather than buying everything new — especially if you’re a fairly new business or medical practice who is still getting established.

The following are three significant advantages to buying used and refurbished hospital beds and medical equipment.

Enjoy a good deal

Much of the medical equipment on the market is fairly high-tech and sophisticated. As a result of this characteristic, medical equipment has a tendency to be expensive when you buy it new. Unfortunately, this high cost can make purchasing important medical equipment a risky investment for small or just-starting-out urgent care centers, nursing homes, and families.

This makes searching for lower-cost equipment, beds, and hospital bed frames a good idea for many. Besides such basics as adjustable hospital bed frames and oxygen machines, you can even find used defibrillators and ultrasound machines that are still in great condition.

Of course, buying second-hand equipment from a neighbor or garage sale is a far cry from getting it from a reliable source. This is where refurbished medical equipment comes in.

Fully refurbished medical equipment

With people’s lives on the line every day, it’s of the utmost importance that all medical equipment works exactly the way it’s supposed to, every time it’s used.

This is why buying fully refurbished equipment from a certified vendor is such a good idea. This ensures that whatever needed fixing or replacing on the equipment was already taken care of, and you can relax in knowing that everything is just about guaranteed to work as it should. That’s why investing in certified refurbished medical equipment is as reliable and safe as purchasing brand new equipment.

More environmentally-friendly

It goes without saying but throwing away equipment like hospital bed frames and hospital stretchers is bad for the environment. This is because they release certain toxins into the environment and take ages to degrade. Besides this, manufacturing new equipment when there’s plenty of used products out there is a waste of natural resources. As a result, buying used hospital bed frames, mattresses, and equipment is a very green solution.

Between buying used stretchers for sale and choosing refurbished hospital beds, you can save yourself and your business substantial amounts of money. The fact that you’re also benefiting the environment is a nice bonus. Add to this the fact that Piedmont Medical offers a one-year warranty on most products, and you can see that buying used and refurbished medical equipment is a great decision for your business.