Refurbished Stretchers for Sale



We have been in the hospital bed and stretcher reconditioning business for 24 years. We set the standard in refurbished stretchers for sale – Stryker and Hill-Rom. Our 10-step process guarantees the best quality in reconditioned hospital beds and stretchers available.

We have more reconditioned stretchers and used hospital beds in stock than all other the dealers in the USA combined. We will work to make sure you get the right product for your needs and budget.


Being the leader in reconditioned stretchers, Piedmont Medical, Inc. has a rigorous 10-step process to ensure all stretchers we sell adhere to the highest of standards.


  1. The stretcher is visually inspected for bent or broken parts. Any bent or broken parts are repaired or replaced so that operating features function properly.
  2. The stretcher frame is completely disassembled.
  3. The stretcher frame is cleaned. All stickers and/or decals are removed, if necessary.
  4. The stretcher frame, arm rails and pans (if applicable) is sanded completely in a separate room.
  5. The stretcher frame and parts are then cleaned again to remove any dust or dirt.
  6. The stretcher frame, arm rails, and pans are painted in a professional paint booth. If necessary, they are baked dry. They are left to dry for 24 hours before they are touched again.
  7. The stretcher frame is then reassembled to include the following NEW parts, IF NECESSARY: *OEM casters and assembly for new brake and steer *Plastic wheel covers and arm rail plastics *Head and Foot Boards with your choice of inserts in each *Labels and/or decals *Capacitors and motor grease is replaced *Couplers
  8. A final inspection of the stretcher operating features is rechecked and electrical safety tested to ensure the stretcher is performing to manufacturers standards.
  9. The stretcher is shipped and wrapped in protective plastic.
  10. It is then blanket wrapped and can be positioned in custom stands for stability.