The average hospital stay is approximately four and a half days. No matter the reason for a stay, hospital beds are a necessity to properly care for patients. During COVID, the need for hospital beds has been more pronounced. In addition to hospital beds, stretchers and mattresses also saw an increased need during COVID according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Here’s what to know about the need for hospital beds.

Cities Requiring More ICU Hospital Beds

Cities like Austin, San Francisco, New York City, Portland, and other locations across the U.S. have experienced a shortage of hospital beds. The FDA suggests that industries that don’t normally manufacture hospital beds may need to be tapped in order to fulfill the demand for additional medical needs.

It is also necessary for medical device manufacturers to adhere to strict regulations and product codes that must be met in order to deliver hospital beds, stretchers, and mattresses to hospitals, nursing homes, and medical care units. ICUs have seen the greatest need for this medical equipment. A simple bed allows both urgent and palliative care.

Why the Shortage of Hospital Beds?

The New York Times reported in August of 2021 that in some states, there was simply nowhere for COVID patients to go because the ICU beds were all full. At one point during mid-2021, El Paso hospitals reported that of intensive care beds, only 13 hospital beds were still not occupied. In Albuquerque, there were no hospital beds left.

As the pandemic and different variants of COVID-19 move across the nation, coupled with concerns about increased complications due to vaccinations such as myocardial infarction, the need for hospital beds will likely continue to be formidable.

Hospitals and manufacturers of medical supplies alike are looking at ways to meet the needs of COVID patients and others hospitalized due to non-COVID reasons.

As the pandemic lingers, patient hospitalizations will require an increased need for hospital beds, even if they aren’t for the most common causes of disease which previously filled hospitals in the U.S. such as septicemia, heart failure, diabetes complications, obstructive pulmonary disorder, and bronchiectasis.

Where Can You Purchase Hospital Beds for ICUs?

A reputable hospital bed and medical device manufacturer can provide access to hospital beds for patient care that meets federal requirements for safety. Get in touch with us today to get started.