There is a reason why hospitals have invested more in refurbished hospital beds. Medical costs are rising, not only in terms of drug pricing but in terms of the cost of hospital stays as well. One of the reasons why hospitals must charge as much as they do is because medical equipment costs so much in turn, creating a negative cycle. One way in which hospitals can cut costs is through the use of refurbished hospital beds.

There is a lot of opportunity in terms of saving money regarding hospital and birthing beds, with roughly 3.5 million hospital and nursing home beds in use throughout the United States. Hospital beds are replaced quite often, due to the advent of new models and the long term usage of beds. But many beds that would normally be disposed of could be refurbished and re-sold. The reason why some hospitals are so cautious about investing in these beds is the negative perception that can arise around refurbished beds.

Why Do Patients Feel Nervous About Refurbished Hospital Beds?

Buyers that have been educated about the benefits of refurbished hospital beds may be confused about why potential patients have hesitations about them. Much of these hesitations have less to do with reality and more to do with misconceptions. These misconceptions are often surrounding the cleanliness of these used beds, as well as their reliability. They think of them as used and worry about them being unsanitary or breaking down.

Obviously, this is not something that patients have a real reason to be concerned about. Buyers of refurbished hospital beds know that if they use good, reliable suppliers refurbished beds can actually be better than brand new beds. But in order to combat the concerns of patients, they should be transparent and ready to educate them. Although hospitals do not necessarily need to advertise that they are using refurbished beds, they shouldn’t treat them as if they’re shameful, either.

How Can We Educate Patients About the Realities of Refurbished Hospital Beds?

There are a lot of ways that hospitals can educate patients about the realities of refurbished hospital beds. The biggest issue is making them understand the difference between used hospital beds and refurbished hospital beds.

Used hospital beds can be refurbished, but are not yet. Refurbished beds have already gone through the process. Both can be bought from reliable suppliers, which are transparent about the conditions of the beds they are selling. Often, used beds are referred to as being sold “as-is”. Refurbished beds, conversely, are sold as “patient-ready”.

Additionally, patients that are concerned should be educated about the refurbishment process. This process will typically involve a re-manufacturer acquiring used beds, whether independently or on the commission of hospital buyers. They will then take the used beds apart, ensure that they are fully cleaned, and reassemble the beds so that they are in “like new” condition.

Although hospitals can save money when buying refurbished beds, they do not solely buy them to save money. Used beds are the cheapest beds of all. Although refurbished beds do often cost less than brand new beds, they still cost more than used beds. The refurbishment process is not inexpensive, and those that are skeptical of the use of refurbished beds should understand that it is quite an investment for buyers. Refurbished beds are not being bought simply because they cost less, but because they are smart buys.

What Should Patients Know About the Benefits of Refurbished Beds?

There are so many benefits to refurbished hospital beds beyond their cost. It’s actually easier for hospitals to get access to better beds when they are refurbished, with greater comfort and capabilities. Additionally, some older models that are tried and true are only available in refurbished forms, making this the only option when investing in certain hospital beds.

Refurbished hospital beds also prevent waste. In many ways, they are actually environmentally friendly, adding another benefit for eco-conscious patients.

Although there are a lot of misconceptions about refurbished beds, the key is not giving up on them and prioritizing patient education. Over time, these misconceptions will ideally fall away, allowing everyone to see the benefits of refurbished hospital beds.