According to the 2018 American Hospital Association annual survey, there are approximately 919,559 staffed beds across all the 6,090 hospitals in the US. With over 36 million admissions annually, hospital beds play a critical role in patient care and recovery. This is especially true for maternal healthcare, with 98% of all births in the nation occurring in a medical facility setting.

The AHA survey also indicates that the total expenditure for all hospitals in the US was $1.12 trillion. With a trillion-dollar gross expense, hospital administrators are ever on the lookout for ways to save money while maintaining the quality of care in their facilities. Finding affordable medical equipment and supplies is critical to the financial lifeline for most facilities.

Here are several ways that you can use to find a birthing bed for your facility without breaking the bank:

1. You Can Pick a Refurbished Birthing Bed

New hospital beds can be prohibitively expensive for smaller medical facilities and private practices to afford them. Purchasing a reconditioned birthing bed is an excellent way to reduce your capital expenditure. A refurbished bed undergoes repair, replacement, and upgrade of any broken parts to restore it to good condition. A refurbished birthing bed functions just like a new one, at a fraction of the cost.

2. Think Through Your Bed Frame Customizations

Understanding the individual components of a birthing bed can help figure out the total cost of the unit. Manufacturers such as Hill-Rom and Stryker hospital beds create different models and accessories. You can save money by finding a standard bed frame and add customized features to make the birthing bed functional.

Bed frame add-ons such as rails, hand controls, padded knee supports, fluid collection bowls can affect the final pricing. Discussing with your clinical staff can help you determine the right accessories to have on the bed frame.

3. Shop Around

Hospital bed suppliers often have varying quotations depending on their inventory list. It does not hurt to shop around, gathering different pricing options from multiple suppliers. You can check out the pricing from their website or contact them for a tailored quote for your birthing bed needs. Buying the best-priced hospital beds can help your facility save more money.

4. Think Beyond the Brand Name

Common brand names such as Stryker, Hill-Rom, Savion, and Midmark occupy the largest market share in the hospital bed industry. It is essential to carry out extensive research on all brands, and their pricing can help you find affordable beds for your facility. Resolution beds can save your bottom line by offering a low total cost of ownership.

5. Find Affordable Financing Options and Special Offers

Another effective way to lower your hospital bed costs is through flexible financing plans. Most medical device suppliers provide affordable payment options that allow hospital and medical facility administrators to acquire the birthing beds they need. Check if your preferred vendor provides special discounts or offers for purchases made through their site.

Hospital beds are a huge capital expense for most medical facilities. The tips above can help you lower your costs while purchasing a birthing bed. To get a quotation for the refurbished hospital and birthing beds on our inventory, contact Piedmont Medical today.