A patient’s average hospital stay is 4.5 days, which means patients spend at least four days on hospital beds. Therefore, as a caregiver or doctor, you must choose a high-quality hospital bed that gives better patient outcomes.

Getting a new eco-friendly and affordable hospital bed is hard, which is why refurbished beds are trending in the industry. Hill-Rom beds have provided patients with mobility and strength restriction with an easier alternative to a quick recovery. Below are five reasons to buy a Hill-Rom hospital bed.

1. Easy to Use

User-friendliness is a huge factor to consider when it comes to selecting a hospital bed. Hill-Rom beds make it effortless to cater to a bed-bound loved one or patient. They have open spaces that allow caregivers and nurses to get patients in and out of bed.

Additionally, they have unmatchable flexibility that helps you adjust the hospital beds. Being able to switch the bed positions and frame makes Hill-Rom beds ergonomic. Also, a built-in scale helps your caregiver take your weight without getting you out of bed.

2. Affordability

Healthcare on its own is a pricy investment. Refurbished Hill-Rom beds are the best in the market but have surprisingly competitive prices. There is a wide range of beds to choose from, each with varying features and costs.

Budget problems should not make you worried about getting a hospital bed that will suit your patient’s or loved one’s condition. You can easily get the bed you desire without breaking the bank.

3. Safety

Never compromise patient safety during a hospital stay or in-home care. It is easy for patients to stumble or miss a step as they navigate their way in and out of bed. This includes falls, sores, injuries, and slips. As a result, a good hospital bed should have rails, stability features, and a sturdy frame, which is the case for all Hill-Rom beds.

Some models give you a notification if the brake setting isn’t on. Others have modifications to provide your caregiver/nurse with the bed’s position and your weight. Using unsafe beds can escalate a health condition from bad to worse in no time.

4. Convenience

The aim of a hospital bed for long stays is to streamline caregiving and recovery. You can change position with one button with Hill-Rom beds. The easier it is for your patient to use the bed, the quicker their condition improves.

5. Comfort

Most importantly, it would be best to think of the patient’s comfort during a hospital stay. If they are not cozy, pains and aches can lead to a longer recovery period. Failure to adjust the bed position for comfort can also cause skin conditions and sore muscles.

Hill-Rom hospital beds have a leg-elevation feature and can be adjusted to different positions. Some have an auto-contour setting that allows the mattress to accommodate any body shape.

Many hospitals, nursing homes, surgical facilities, and in-home caregivers swear by Hill-Rom hospital beds. You should always purchase your hospital beds from a trusted and certified refurbishing company. Call Piedmont Medical Incorporated and get a quote on hospital beds.