There are approximately 6,200 hospitals with over 2.5 million hospital beds in use within the United States. Studies have shown that hospital beds are critical to proper patient care, with the type of bed picked directly impacting the patient’s recovery process. As a result, most medical facilities go for major brands such as Hill-Rom and Stryker hospital beds.

However, buying new Stryker hospital beds may be too expensive for most facilities and medical practices. Refurbished units make it easier for hospitals to own a like-new model without breaking the bank.

Refurbishing Stryker Hospital Beds

Most medical administrators are often skeptical about purchasing used medical supplies. While ‘used’ and ‘refurbished’ are often construed to be the same, they may have a slight difference in the medical equipment world. When purchasing a used hospital bed, you receive it “as is” from the supplier.

Refurbished Stryker hospital beds are taken apart before reassembly to ensure that all parts and sensors are working perfectly. It may also provide you a chance to upgrade the unit to the latest technology during reassembly, customizing it to your preference. The refurbished Stryker hospital bed is tested and certified to work like new. Here are five reasons why refurbished hospital beds are an excellent choice for you.

1. Cost Savings

The selling point for picking refurbished Stryker hospital beds is the reduced capital expense while stocking your medical facility. The cost of in-patient care is the highest across the industry. Finding ways to save with maintaining the same level of quality patient care would be highly welcome. You can save money in the long term with hospital beds that function like new at a fraction of the cost.

2. Reliability

Most refurbished models for Stryker hospital beds have been on the market for a while, tried and tested. The latest units may require testing and ironing out all kinks, which may prove costly if the product is deemed unsafe. Refurbished hospital beds cut the learning time. Your clinical staff can stick to a platform that they already know and maintain the level of patient care.

3. High-Quality Products

Reputable refurbishing companies undertake meticulous testing and certification for the new-like beds to ensure they are safe and reliable. Picking a trusted supplier ensures that you only receive high-quality birthing beds for your maternity unit. Following all GMP standards ensures that you receive hospital beds that will serve your facility for years to come.

4. Eco-Friendly

Another little-known benefit of reconditioned hospital beds is the reduced carbon footprint for the medical industry. Refurbishment allows for decommissioned units to be restored for use, reducing the amount of hospital junk heading to the dumpsite. It is a safe, smart, and eco-friendly way for your medical practice to go green.

5. Customer Service

Buying refurbished hospital beds through a trusted supplier comes with additional perks. You may enjoy stellar customer service alongside great warranty covers. With the right support in place, you may be at ease to buy used hospital equipment for your practice.

Refurbished medical equipment makes it easier and cheaper for hospitals and other facilities to own the assets they require. Piedmont Medical Inc. is a trusted supplier of reconditioned Stryker hospital beds for surgical centers, hospitals, and nursing homes. Contact us today to receive a detailed quote for your needs.