Hospital beds are a key infrastructure in any medical facility setting. In 2016 alone, there were over 35.7 million hospital admissions, with the average stay being 4.5 days. The beds improve patient outcomes through better patient care, caregiver convenience, and improved safety.

Depending on the cause of the ailment, a patient may take longer to recuperate in a health facility. At times, the patient may not be ready to resume their normal life even after their discharge from the hospital. Such occurrence may necessitate families to make drastic adjustments to the home, such as bringing in a hospital bed.

Resolution beds are excellent home care choices, providing an ideal environment for the patient to recover. Here are five benefits that make a resolution bed the perfect hospital bed for your loved one’s recovery.

1. Greater Mobility

Proper hospital beds allow for easier transportation and mobility for the patient. Resolution beds from Piedmont Medical Inc. have 360-degree mobility on all four directional castors. This movement allows for easier transportation of the patient.

The bed can also rotate 90 degrees from either side, allowing the bed design to convert to a chair format. The mobility allows the patient to have a more natural movement when stepping out or onto the bed.

2. Caregiver Convenience

Resolution beds help lift off some pressure from the caregiver as they do not need to worry about lifting the patients from the bed. The refurbished beds come as either fully electric or semi-electric, allowing for easier adjustments to the height of the bed. The chair format aids the caregiver to ensure maximum safety of their patient as they come off the bed. It also helps the caregiver to effectively feed the patient.

3. Patient Comfort

The resolution beds have ergonomic features that maximize patient comfort. The bed supports a high-density foam medical mattress that provides a firm, supportive foundation. The hospital bed also features ergonomic guard rails and armrests that support the patient as they egress. The multi-button functionality allows the patient to adjust the height and positioning options to an angle they are most comfortable with. The adjustments help reduce the risk of developing bedsores and fatigue.

4. Safety

One of the major concerns for caregivers looking after patients at home is the risk of patient falls. The falls may not only be life-threatening to the patient but may also cause injury to the caregiver. Resolution beds incorporate side bed rails that prevent the patient from rolling over. Additionally, the semi and fully electric models allow a caregiver to adjust the height to a less dangerous level for patients prone to falling. Brake pads on the bed’s castors allow the caregiver to lock in the wheels, preventing unnecessary movement.

5. Customization

Resolution beds have a fourth-generation engineering design that easily accepts upgrades and modifications. Piedmont Medical Inc. can customize the bed features for you to fit the exact needs of your patient. This allows you and your patient to have an easier time as they recover.

Hospital beds are key to the effective recovery of patients with chronic conditions, both in and out of medical facilities. Stryker hospital beds are excellent options that provide better mobility, patient safety, comfort, caregiver convenience, and easier customization. Piedmont Medical Inc. can supply you with a tailored resolution bed for your home use.