It’s no secret that medical supplies are expensive, especially for smaller medical centers that may not have the revenue to splurge on materials. However, it’s still important for medical clinics and hospitals to purchase the medical equipment their patients need to keep them safe and healthy.

To help you stock your hospital’s inventory without breaking the bank, here are some of the best ways you can save money on medical supplies and equipment.

  1. Opt for refurbished hospital beds. Across the country, there are approximately 2.5 million hospital and nursing home beds in use. Hospital beds can be incredibly expensive, making it difficult for hospitals, nursing homes, in-home care physicians, and individuals in need to purchase to get the medical equipment they need. Refurbished birthing beds and hospital beds are a great way to get the medical equipment your hospital needs at a lower cost. Not only are refurbished birthing beds and hospital beds just like new but they also reduce medical waste.
  2. Compare prices for medical equipment. Just like you would compare prices for equipment and supplies in an office, it’s important to shop around at different medical supply stores to get an idea of the different pricing options. You can either check out medical supply prices online or in local stores. Remember that you don’t need to buy all of your medical supplies all at one store, either. Buying the best priced medical supplies at different locations can help your medical center save more money.
  3. Don’t buy based on brand alone. It’s essential to do your research into the products that you’re buying. Don’t assume that medical equipment is better from a certain brand simply because you’ve heard the name of their label more often than others. When your hospital chooses its medical supply brands carefully, you can save a lot on medical supply costs. Consider the reviews on certain supplies and equipment to determine whether generic or lesser-known brands’ supplies are higher quality than you think.

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