Right now, there are 6,200 hospitals in the United States. This means that inevitably, a lot of hospitals will use the same types of medical equipment. In some cases, the exact same pieces of equipment may travel from one hospital to another, thanks to the medical equipment refurbishment industry. Certainly, some types of medical equipment cannot be reused or refurbished. But others can be not only refurbished but can be made to function as if they are brand new. Perhaps one of the most commonly refurbished types of medical equipment is the hospital bed. And in turn, of all hospital beds, resolution beds are perhaps most in demand for refurbishment.

But what makes resolution beds so in demand in the first place? Certainly, there is a reason why refurbished resolution beds are so desired by hospitals. Often, refurbished pieces are more readily available than brand new pieces. Additionally, they are more affordable, while still functioning just as new pieces would. Additionally, using refurbished resolution beds is more environmentally friendly than simply allowing used beds to be tossed aside and wasted. With that being said, let’s look into the reasons why refurbished resolution beds, in particular, are in demand.

1. They Offer Better Outcomes

Like any piece of medical equipment, resolution beds can affect patient outcomes in the long term. If a hospital bed is not properly suited to a patient’s needs, the patient can be more likely to experience discomfort and even injure themselves. This means that ultimately, the patients that are in comfortable beds that are perfectly suited for their needs are more likely to recover faster and more completely.

The great thing about resolution beds is that they are in the position that is typically most desired for and by patients. This means that patients will be less likely to experience any kind of sliding around the bed, which could potentially be harmful or even result in them falling off the bed. Additionally, because patients are in the right positions in the beds, they will be less likely to develop bedsores as well as other complications. People stay in hospital beds for an extended period of time, so it’s important that refurbished hospital beds are of the highest possible quality. Generally speaking, resolution beds are seen as some of the most high quality hospital beds. Therefore, it’s no wonder that when there is a demand for refurbished hospital beds, the demand is usually highest for resolution beds.

2. They’re Easier for Caregivers to Use

It’s extremely important that all caregivers are able to use hospital beds however they must. But some hospital beds are easier to use than others. The resolution bed, for example, has a 360 degree mobility from all four directions. This means that patients are easier to move, and it’s easier for patients to move themselves as well. Additionally, resolution beds come with alerts and monitors on the bed, which means that caregivers can more easily monitor patients remotely.

Furthermore, the structures of these beds mean that they are easier to upgrade and refurbish. The upgrades, in particular, can be easier for caregivers to have added before the beds are turned in for refurbishment.

3. Comfort

Perhaps one of the main reasons why these types of beds are in high demand for refurbishment is that they provide excellent patient comfort. This is, after all, the main purpose of hospital beds in general.

Because these beds are made with a chair-like structure (although they can easily be converted back into standard beds), they are easier for patients to move around in and out of. The beds are low to the ground and have arm rails that allow patients to step out of the beds more easily and safely. Additionally, buttons make the beds easier to adjust, with the rails easily lowering and rising.

There are a lot of reasons why resolution beds are so in demand. But perhaps one of the main reasons why refurbished resolution beds are in demand is that refurbishment offers more low-income hospitals the ability to buy high quality beds at prices they can afford.