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Hill-Rom P1170 CareAssist Bed

Product Description

Height – High Position: 32 ½” (82.6 cm) Height – Low Position: 16 ¾” (42.5 cm) Total Length: 100” (254 cm) Maximum Width (siderails up): 40” (102 cm) Maximum Width (siderails stored): 40” (102 cm) Caster Size: 6” (15 cm) Sleep Surface: 36” x 80” (91.4 cm x 203.2 cm) Trendelenburg: 16° Head Section Inclination: 65° Knee Section Inclination: 20° Foot Section Inclination: -23° Bed Weight with Casters: 420 lb (191 kg) Maximum Safe Working Load: 400 lb (181 kg)
Hill-Rom P1170 CareAssist Bed Specification Sheet  
The CareAssist Bed is designed to support the ease and comfort of both caregiver and patient. Bed controls are hydraulically operated and are easy to use, and patient controls snap directly into the bed rail for easy access. This bed is designed to be moved safely and easily. The raised headboard allows caregivers to stay in an upright position while they push the bed. Stopping is easy and secure with the 4 casters locking in 2 different directions and a single press to the CareAssist brake system. Alert will sound if brakes are released and bed is still plugged in. When transporting a patient, this bed can operate without being plugged in using the standard back-up feature.


One-button Dining Chair position for patient comfort and safety. Shearless Pivot mechanism with auto contour means less need for caregivers to reposition patients. Point-of-Care controls save caregiver steps. “Instant CPR” release lever includes a dampened descent, gently lowering the patient and reducing caregiver back strain. Patient pendant is stow-able in any side rail. Higher headboard makes moving bed easier. Easy-to-read Line-of-Sight angle indicators for degree of head section and Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg. 4 dual-locking casters keep the bed in place. Built-in bed extender. Bed and mattress are designed to addresses main entrapment areas. Durable Bed Exit System (optional) minimizes false alarms. It is designed to be a reminder to the patient to stay in bed. Scale System (optional): Has an accuracy of 1% and an operating range of 0 to 400 lbs (0 to 181 kg). The scale display and controls are located on the head end siderails.

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